About us

Carers Australia is the national peak body representing Australia’s unpaid carers, advocating on their behalf to influence policies and services at a national level. It works collaboratively with partners and its member organisations, the Network of state and territory Carers Associations.

Our Vision

An Australia that values and supports the contribution that carers make both to the people they care for and to the community as a whole.

Our Purpose

We work to improve the health, wellbeing, resilience and financial security of carers and to ensure that caring is a shared responsibility of family, community and government.

Strategic Priorities

1. Advocacy for all carers

Effective engagement with all sides of politics and other peak bodies, achieving greater organisational reach and authenticity and effectively influencing all relevant stakeholders to the benefit of unpaid carers.

2. Raising awareness of carers

A greater awareness among all Australians of the issues faced by unpaid carers achieved via engaging social media content and the ongoing effectiveness of National Carers Week.

3. Delivery of carer initiatives

Continue to successfully deliver initiatives to the benefit of carers, such as the Young Carer Bursaries and Peer Support Network.

4. Collaboration with members

Effective collaboration at all levels of the state and territory Carers Associations to ensure effective working relationships and continued delivery of results.

5. High performing organisation

Carers Australia continues to be recognised as a trustworthy and financially viable organisation with all financial and reporting obligations met.