Pollie Pedal 2015


The annual charity bike ride, Pollie Pedal, will once again raise funds for Australia’s 2.7 million carers in 2015.

This year marks the fourth year that Carers Australia has been named the chief beneficiary of Pollie Pedal. Funds raised will provide considerable support and be used to fund many of our programs, such as the Carers Australia Ambassador Program, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Carer Reference Group, and the rollout of our Work & Care initiative.

In addition and new to 2015, proceeds from the event will also commission the ‘State of Caring’ study being undertaken by Carers Australia. This significant and contemporary study will help determine carers’ needs into the future and act as an evidence base for future policy direction and better services.

This year Pollie Pedal will ride through north-east Tasmania from 27 – 30 March, covering 475kms. Along with both awareness-raising and fundraising, as a grassroots event, Pollie Pedal also provides a great opportunity to inform and engage with local carers and communities along the way.

We are delighted to announce that Australia Post's Our Neighbourhood will again be the Principal Sponsor, as they were in 2014.

Our Neighbourhood  represents Australia Post's community programs and partnerships which are underpinned by the belief that by working together, we can help build better neighbourhoods across Australia.

If you’d like to show your support for this exciting charity event and Carers Australia click here. You can also download the newly updated Carers Australia App for both Apple and Android devices, which contains information on Pollie Pedal and other aspects of our work.

Pollie Pedal 2015 thanks the generous commitment of riders, sponsors and volunteers.

Pollie Pedal 2015 sponsors are:


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