At last - the beginning of transformational social reform

At last - the beginning of transformational social reform

Posted May 8, 2012

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The Government’s commitment of $1 billion over four years to the launch of the National Disability Insurance Scheme represents the beginning of transformational reform to the lives of hundreds of thousands of Australians.  This reform is a quantum leap forward. It has the potential to provide equal opportunity for people with disability, their families and carers.

Mr Moore said, ‘combined with the reforms to aged care, the NDIS will have a positive flow on effect for many of Australia’s 2.6 million carers. Government investment in aged care, the National Disability Insurance Scheme, the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record and better access to dental services for low income and disadvantaged Australians are much needed and welcome initiatives.’

Mr Moore said, ‘carers of people with disability and those who are frail aged need to be recognised not only as key players in the disability and aged care systems but also as those needing support in their own right.  For too long, carers have held together failing aged care and disability systems, at great physical, emotional, social and financial cost. Carers Australia calls on the Australian Government to recognise the needs of carers as well as the needs of those they care for in the implementation of these much needed reforms.

‘In aged care and disability reform there is need for significant consultation over policy detail and implementation,’ said Mr Moore. ‘Carers Australia is particularly interested in ensuring that carers and their families are fully involved in these processes.’

Carers Australia believes that these initiatives have the potential to shift the social landscape. The initiatives' full implementation depends on continuing government commitment and budget priority.

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