Aged residential respite care

Aged residential respite care

Posted September 29, 2017

Carers Australia and state and territory Carers Associations have been hearing how hard it is for carers to find aged residential respite care when they need it.

In response, Carers Australia conducted a survey of advisory and support services for family and friend carers of older people, to find out how accurate these reports are, the extent and nature of the problems, and their causes.

The survey has made it very clear that demand for aged residential respite care is not being met, with many residential care providers reportedly reducing their respite care offerings in an already very tight market.  We will soon release the research report, detailing the types of respite care most in demand, and the hardest types of care to find.

The report will be used to advocate for improved respite care to the Government, including changes to the way residential care facilities are subsidised and greater availability of alternative types of respite, such as cottage style overnight and weekend care and in-home care.

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