Carers NDIS Forum

 Carers NDIS Forum

Our NDIS Community: Carers helping carers understand the NDIS

Carers Australia continues to support carers to understand the NDIS and build their capacity to support the people they care for to ensure the best outcomes within an individual NDIS package of supports.

In collaboration with HAYYLO, Carers Australia now offers a private online forum for all carers who are supporting a person with a disability and may be eligible for the NDIS. This is a space where carers can raise concerns, ask a question, or share their story with other carers.

This forum has been developed to support carers to have the NDIS conversation and to generate discussion on topics and issues that are relevant to them. Anyone can comment, share, post and respond, and generally support other carers through this online community.

If you are a carer and interested in becoming a member of the NDIS forum for carers, please send us an email at

When you have activated your invitation to participate, we encourage you to pose a question or raise a topic that relates to the NDIS. Please engage and share anything in relation to the NDIS that you consider to be useful. As a general guideline, we ask that participants please use respectful language and keep your responses solutions based. 

Carers helping carers. Log on and support each other!

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