Implementing the NDIS plan

Implementing the NDIS Plan

Once an NDIS plan has been approved, the next step is putting the plan into action. The NDIS has put together a fact sheet: Starting your plan, to step you through this process.

Self-managed participants or their plan nominees can choose how, when, and where their supports are provided and who will manage those supports. The planner will discuss plan management options with you at the planning meeting.

If you feel unsure about how to connect to supports and services in your community, or what the next steps are when you receive the NDIS plan, you may wish to consider including Support Coordination hours in the plan. If this has been included in your plan, you only need to speak with a support coordinator to find appropriate supports and services in the community.

The Participant, nominee and/or carer is encouraged to discuss these options during the planning meeting to ensure an informed decision as to how the package of supports will be managed, can be made. Including support coordination hours in a plan, means that you will receive help with connecting to appropriate supports and services in the community.

For more information on plan management, see Managing an NDIS Plan

Video: Engaging supports in an NDIS plan