Work & Care: The Necessary Investment

Supporting your current and future employees to combine paid work with their unpaid caring role is imperative to the future sustainability and success of your business, as well as the success of the Australian economy more broadly.

1 in 8 Australian employees are carers


With over 2.8 million carers in Australia, research shows that 1 in 8 employees are in a caring role. These numbers are set to increase by 2027, where over a fifth of Australia’s population will be aged over 65yrs, and the need for unpaid care grows.

Does your workplace have policies in place for the impending increase of carers?

By participating in the Work & Care initiative, you will improve your business prospects while also contributing further to the Australian economy. 

Work & Care is the necessary investment

The Work & Care initiative aims to improve the capacity of carers to combine employment with their caring responsibilities, and to assist long-term carers on income support to transition into employment when their caring role ceases or is reduced.

To remain competitive, businesses need to attract and retain skilled and committed employees. In Australia, there are many employees who combine paid work with caring for someone with a disability, mental illness, chronic condition or terminal illness or someone who is frail aged. Providing specific workplace arrangements for these carers has significant benefits for businesses, including the increase in staff retention, improved productivity and job satisfaction of employees, which in turn reduce recruitment and training costs.

Offering flexible workplace provisions which allow employees to combine paid work with an unpaid caring role is essential to enabling businesses to foster a productive, efficient and effective workforce.

For a more detailed insight into the Work & Care initiative, review the various guides and reports on our resources page.

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